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News : Director Aizawa receives Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays
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Mr. Hatsuro Aizawa's Contributions

1. Contribution to relationship between Japan and the United States
Since the San Francisco-Osaka Sister City Association's founding in
1964, Mr. Aizawa has served on the board of directors, facilitating past
visits by the Mayor of San Francisco to Osaka and joining the Association's
Executive Committee in welcoming the Mayor of Osaka to San Francisco.
He has supported grassroots exchange between San Francisco and Osaka
and has visited Osaka many times, including with a past mayoral
delegation, as part of efforts to strengthen relations between the sister cities.

2. Contribution to Japanese companies' expansion in the United States

Mr. Aizawa served on the board of directors at the Japanese Chamber
of Commerce of Northern California from 1961-2001 was involved in many
aspects of the organization, including its newsletters and annual gala. He
has also helped Japanese companies enter American and Northern
Californian markets, aiding their development with his abilities in Japanese.

3. Contribution to understanding of Japanese culture in the United States
Mr. Aizawa was appointed as a commissioner at the Asian Art
Museum in 1993 by then-Mayor Dianne Feinstein and served for 16 years.
He has worked to introduce Japanese art in the Bay Area, contributing to
the organization of Japan-themed exhibitions and acquisitions of Japanese
art for the Museum, which has the largest Asian art collection on the West
Coast. Mr. Aizawa has also contributed to interest in Japanese culture
through his service on the boards of various Japan-affiliated organizations
in San Francisco's Japantown.

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