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News : 2013 General Meeting of Members to be held on May 10th at Noon
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Dear Members and Friends:

We thank you for your continued support of the San Francisco-Osaka Sister City
Association (SFOSCA). Our relationship with Osaka continues to prosper and
remains a vital one for the City and County of San Francisco.

The Annual General Meeting of members will be held on Friday, May 10,
2013, at Noon
, at the offices of Morrison & Foerster (425 Market Street, 33rd Floor, San
Francisco). All members and friends are invited and encouraged to attend. An
optional obento lunch will be served at a minimal cost. Please also note that
this is the time to renew your membership. We would, therefore, appreciate
it if you could submit your annual dues with the RSVP form. SFOSCA depends
entirely upon members’ dues and contributions.

Celebrating our 55th anniversary last year, we again sent two San Francisco
high school students to Osaka as part of our Student Ambassador Program.
The program committee chaired by Miho Armacost selected Shela Ho and Jacob
Levy. We also welcomed Ms. Mariya Wada from Osaka who captivated us all
with her excellent command of English and outgoing personality. Thank you
to Emily Murase and her family for providing their home, and to all who spent
time with Mariya during her stay. Special assistance was given by JET Alumni
Association members led by Vanessa Young, our JET liaison.

Very sadly, we lost our dear friend and long time supporter Dick Heggie,
who passed away in May 2012. Those of us who knew him will treasurer his
memory and always be thankful for his dedication and support of SFOSCA.

A 55th Anniversary Celebration Reception was held on August 31st. We
welcomed Consul General Hiroshi Inomata and Peter Lee, President of the
California Culinary Academy, along with four chefs. The reception was also
to give a great send off to Peter and four chefs who were invited by the
Hilton Hotel in Osaka to present San Francisco cuisine to celebrate our 55th
Anniversary. Co-Chair Kathleen Kimura, Board Member Tasha Yorozu and
her colleague Anne Lew travelled to Osaka to support the chefs. During the
meeting with Mayor Hashimoto, the Mayor announced that he and Osaka
Governor Matsui would like to visit San Francisco in 2013. The schedule for
such visit is currently being worked out.

Looking forward to seeing all of you on May 10.

Kathleen Kimura and Allen Okamoto, Co-Chairs;
Misako Maki Sack, Executive Director

You can find the Sign up form by clicking here: 2013 Signup Form

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