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News : Announcing 2016 Student Ambassadors to Osaka!
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Announcing the 2016 Student Ambassadors to Osaka!

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 High School Student Ambassador Program! Matthew Wong and Florence Go will travel to Osaka and stay with Japanese families for three weeks this summer. With the help of Osaka City Office, they will have ample opportunities to explore sights, interact with people from all generations, and immerse themselves in the culture during their stay.

Matthew Wong, Junior at George Washington High School

Florence Go, Graduating Senior from George Washington High School

Alternate: Sebastian Lowe, Senior at Lowell High School

To meet all of our Student Ambassadors, past and present, and Student Ambassadors we welcomed from Osaka, please click here: Members of the Student Ambassador Program

Miho Armacost
Chair, High School Student Ambassador Program

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