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The program may be downloaded here: Event Program

Photos from the event can be found in the Photo Gallery here: Event Photos

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We are excited to announce the 2012 Student Ambassadors to Osaka!

This year's Student Ambassadors to represent the SF-Osaka Sister City Association are:  

Shela Ho (Lowell H.S. freshman), and
Jacob Levy (Lincoln H.S. junior)

Allison Zhu (Lowell H.S.) was selected as an alternate who, in the event Shela or Jacob is unable to travel, will have the opportunity to travel to Osaka.

Shela and Jacob are scheduled to depart on the 12th for an exciting 3-weeks stay in Osaka.

On August 20th, we will be welcoming Student Ambassador Mariya Wada from Osaka for her 3-week stay in San Francisco.

Please click here for more information: Student Ambassadors from Osaka

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The 2012 High School Student Ambassador Program application period is open!

Application deadline is Friday, May 4, 2012, Noon
All interviews will take place during the week of May 14th.

For more details: 2012 Student Ambassador Program

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Our Co-Chair Allen Okamoto participates in the continued efforts to support the Japan Earthquake Relief

Journey to Tohoku

In early November of 2011 my wife and I traveled to the Tohoku area on the North East Coast of Japan to witness the aftermath of the enormous earthquake and tsunami that devastated that area on March 11, 2011. Watching the tsunami destroy everything in its path, on our televisions and the internet, was frightening enough, but visiting the areas, one can truly appreciate the fact that Japan suffered one of the greatest natural disasters in recorded history.

We spent two days on the northeast coast, visiting Sendai City, the capital, and being driven thought the Miyagi Prefecture where entire towns, villages, farms and fisheries were completely destroyed. Driving though these coastal areas, one can see huge areas where the houses/buildings are no longer habitable as well as mountains of debris that have been collected and piled high. Entire towns, villages, farms and fisheries were completely destroyed. We saw a 4 story office building turned on its side from the force of the tsunami and were told that the workers inside had rushed to the rooftop of that building for safety, only to be swept away. A hospital that was built half way up on the side of a cliff, had water flood the entire first floor. And the cars with their drivers who sought refuge/safety in the hospital parking also lost their lives. Everywhere one visits, there is another tragic story.

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San Franciso student ambassadors Alicia Washington (Lincoln High) and Tracy Pa (Galileo) enthusiastically reported on their three-week stay in our sister city, Osaka, sharing fabulous photos filled with fond memories during the presentation held at the offices of Squire, Sanders & Dempsey. They also survived vigorous questioning by attending members. Please learn more about their once-in-the-life-time-experience through their essays [link to the essay page]. Principal Payne of Lincoln High School provided us with his exciting plan to further expand the Japanese program he is developing at Lincoln. Hearing more news about diminishing trend of the Japanese programs in many schools, this news presented to us enthusiastically by Principal Payne certainly was music to our ears. We promised our support in every way we can.

Osaka student ambassador Chika Watanabe was a delightful visitor from August 22 to Sept. 2. May and Greg Matoba graciously hosted her entire stay, and her days were packed with internship at Japan Society, SF Dept. on the Status of Women, and Japaense Bilingual Bicultural Program; visits to MOMA, Exploratorium, GG Bridge, Chinatown, Oracle, Stanford, Alcatraz.

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