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First Osaka High School Student Ambassadors

From March 11 to 18th, we welcomed Kanta Sakuta and Masaya Nagamoto, students of Abeno High School of Osaka, to San Francisco as the first Osaka High School Student Ambassadors. During their visit, they stayed with Matt Holland and Jack Savoie, students of Lincoln High School of San Francisco who are taking Japanese class, and experienced the life of an American high school student. They also had an opportunity to attend Lincoln's 26th Annual Brotherhood Sisterhood Assembly, which celebrates diversity. On St. Patrick's Day, the students volunteered making and serving food at St. Ann's with former San Francisco Student Ambassador Janice Cheung. Association members took them for a sight-seeing tour, to museums, and gathered for a send-off dinner with the host families, Celine Thatch, 2017 San Francisco Student Ambassador, and Sano-sensei and Hiroi-sensei, the Japanese language teachers at Lincoln. The program, originally proposed by Osaka Mayor Yoshimura, was made possible by the people-to-people relationship of Osaka and San Francisco.

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