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Student Ambassadors From Osaka

In 2018, SF-Osaka Youth Connect ("SOYNET") launched a new student ambassador program and two Osaka high school students now come to San Francisco to experience high school life.


Yuri Yoshida

Nanami Nakamichi

2023 (Host:  Washington)

Kurumi Umaoka

Yuma Tanizawa


2019 (Host:  Lincoln HS

Ayumi Susukida
Kazuki Yamauchi

Yuji Kanai

2018  (Host:  Lincoln)

Kanta Sakuta

Masaya Nagamoto

In 1967, first college student who won the Osaka - San Francisco Sister City Association President's Award at the Annual English Speech Contest  in Osaka came to San Francisco.  Last student we received under this program was in 2012.


Mariya Wada (Osaka Women’s College)

Here is her winning speech entitled: "It Depends on Us"



Chika Watanabe (Osaka College of Foreign Languages)

Chika visited us from August 21 to September 2, 2011. She likes photography and traveling. Here is her winning speech entitled: "Bridges"



Yu Matsuura (Osaka College of Foreign Languages)

Her winning speech entitled "The Other Side of the World" can be found here: "The Other Side of the World"



Masayo Hayashi (Osaka College of Foreign Languages)

Masayo visited us from August 2 to August 25, 2008.

Her hobbies and interests include shopping, watching movies, hanging out with friends, and traveling.



Yumi Harada (Osaka Jyogakuin College)



Atsuko Waka (Osaka College of Foreign Languages)

Atsuko's winning speech entitled "Joy in Life" can be found here: "Joy in Life"



Sayaka Tsuji (Osaka Women's Junior College)

Sayaka visited us from August 7 to August 29, 2005. Sayaka lived in Canada for 11 months in high school, and her hobbies and interests include cheerleading and meeting and talking to people. Prior to her arrival in San Francisco, Sayaka sent the following message to us: "I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of living in Canada, and being able to learn and compare two cultures -- good and bad. I am looking forward to visiting the U.S. and experiencing American culture."



Yuka Iseri (Osaka University of Foreign Studies)



Yu Furukawa (Osaka Foreign Language Institute)



Maria Sumitani (then, a high school freshman)

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